Random Stories about Grace

Random Story #1 – Car Seat Switch

Grace is now riding like a big kid in the car. We turned her car seat around – so it’s now forward-facing. She loves it.

Before I get yelled at by anyone – I KNOW the guidelines regarding kids and car seats. She is 19 months and within centimeters of meeting the height limits on her car seat. Beyond that, I would like to point out that the guidelines focus on the child’s neck and spine’s ability, or lack-there-of, to withstand an impact. This little girl was lifting her head up within days of birth and has been sitting upright, with minimal support, since she was 2 months old. This switch happened on a whim. We needed to move her car seat into Brian’s truck so the oil could be changed in the Expedition. So blame Ford. 🙂

Like I said, Grace loves the new view. I, on the other hand, am not so sure about this change. Previously, she would accept whatever I said – we are waiting for the light to turn green, we have to wait our turn, there are cars in mommy’s way, and so on. NOW, she sees everything and likes to complain about it. It has been a long week already. We play more games, now, though. Grace finds colors and we dance a lot.

Random Story #2 – Using the Swimming Pool

Today, Grace and I visited the community pool. Yep. Brian and I have lived in this sub-division for a little over three years and this is the first time I’ve been to the pool. It’s really nice. It’s about twice the size of a standard hotel pool, which is WAY more than enough for our little fish. We are going to get a couple of pool toys tomorrow at Target. Today, she had fun just splashing around, but she needs more.

Despite all of the fun, we did have two incidents. (1)We had just gotten into the pool and she was sitting on the top step in about 3 inches of water. She was having fun and she shifted to move to the next step and all of a sudden her face was in the water. It only lasted a moment and I had her upright. She wasn’t too happy, but got over it quickly. It wasn’t any more water on her face than she gets in the bath tub. What happened later was a little more water. (2)We went to check out the smaller wading pool. There was a fountain in a 2 ft pool, the water flowed down a small rock waterfall into a 1 ft pool. I figured that was perfect for Grace. I set her down, made sure she was stable, turned to look at the fountain, looked back at Grace and she was completely face down in the water. She was trying to upright herself, but I was to her in a flash. She did not sputter or cough or choke at all. Later, there was a pretty good burp, but no coughing. At least she doesn’t try to breath when she is under water. I have already started trying to teach her to blow bubbles under the water, or at least keep her mouth shut. We will work on it.

AND, 30 minutes playing in the pool resulted in five minutes of back-patting at nap time before she fell asleep and took a three-hour nap. She only woke up because I woke her up.


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