What’s Old is New Again

Recently, Grace has started pulling out toys that she has had for months and enjoying them all over again. It is great, because she is playing with them in another way this go around – learning new possibilities for things she is familiar with. I’m sure some of this can be attributed to the fact that we have been spending more time in her playroom upstairs lately. Generally, when new toys come into our house, older ones get rotated upstairs. I do try to keep a mixture of older and new ones in both play areas, though.

Upstairs, she recently dug all the way to the bottom of the toy box and started playing with a couple of toys that used to hang on her infant car seat. It made me laugh, because she did love the rattles/jingles when she was tiny, so it’s not too surprising that she might remember them now.

Downstairs, she has rediscovered these blocks:

Blocks 03 - WEB

Blocks 04 - WEB


Previously, she would happily knock down anything that we build and she would try to identify what is on the blocks. Now, she is building towers on her own. Followed, by knocking them down, of course.

Blocks 05 - WEB


Blocks 02 - WEB


Yes, she is “stamping” the bottom of her foot with the block. I have no idea why, but she thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Blocks 06 - WEB


She also has rediscovered this monkey:

Blocks 01 - WEB


When you press his nose, he plays music. It was designed as a car seat toy, but he has always stayed inside the house. While still enjoying the music, she has also started manipulating the spring that is his coiled tail, inspecting the rings and leaf in his hands, and making him dance to his own music.

It is awesome to watch her little mind work to figure things out.


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