Visiting the Children’s Museum








I had planned to take Grace to the zoo this week. For some, unknown to me, reason, the zoo was PACKED. On a random Wednesday. Two out of three of the parking lots were gated closed – they were so full. I said, “Un, uh. No way.” Instead, I drove the block and a half to the Children’s Museum. There is no good reason that I haven’t taken Grace there before now. And now, we will be going often. It was great for her. There is an entire floor designed just for the kiddos under 3 years.

The first 15 minutes of the fun was spent in this car… which is 10 feet inside the play area. Finally, I convinced her to check other things out.
CMH 01 - WEB

CMH 02 - WEB

CMH 03 - WEB

CMH 04 - WEB

CMH 05 - WEB

CMH 06 - WEB


There is an outdoor terrace with 15 – 20 ride-on toys for the little drivers, complete with movable road signs and gas stations. Grace would sit in the Little Tyke cars, but she didn’t quite understand what she was supposed to do, and anytime I tried to help her, she wanted to get out. Everything is/was so new, that I think she was too excited to really care.

CMH 07 - WEB


I knew that there was a large area for learning about water – flow, pressure, etc – and I knew my little fish would be happy to check it out. It is clearly designed for the over-3yr set, but she had a lot of fun with the water and everything anyways.




CMH 08 - WEB

CMH 09 - WEB

CMH 10 - WEB


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