Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Grace’s Sign Language

I know about baby signs. I have nannied for families that used them. I have friends that used signs with their kids. I fully intended to use baby signs with Grace. Yep, you guessed it – didn’t happen. It wasn’t from laziness or lack of trying, it was from lack of necessity. She started telling us she was hungry when she was only 7-ish months old and she would reply with her version of yes or no if we asked her questions. Unless she was very tired and cranky or if she really didn’t know what something was – the three of us were able to understand each other with little trouble. It has already been well established that Grace’s vocabulary is pretty advanced for her age.

That being said, Grace has started to use her own signs – some of which other people would probably understand, as well. With all of her “signs,” she says the word and then follows with the action:

bite – she puts the fingers of one hand into her mouth like she was eating a piece of food

sad – she wipes one hand down her cheek – as if she was wiping away tears

nose – she put her fingers to her nose and breathes hard in and out a couple of times – I think she is trying to imitate blowing her nose

teeth – she’ll point to her teeth and then bite her own finger

Random Story #2 – Grace and the Shake Cheese

Grace really likes Gerber’s Toddler Ravioli. She calls them “oli-olis.” One night she was having ravioli while Brian and I were having pizza. She wanted the pizza, I told her no, she was upset, I bribed her by putting Parmesan cheese on her ravioli. Ever since that night, if she is having oli-olis, then she NEEDS shake cheese, pweeese! 🙂

Random Story #3 – Grace recognizes parking lots

Oh, yes. I am in trouble.

Last week, we needed to drop off library books. I was NOT planning on getting new ones, but a little voice from the back seat squeals, “Liwawy!!” I couldn’t tell her no. She recognized the building or the parking lot, or whatever.

On another occasion, we were going to Pet Smart to get the dogs treats. I had JUST pulled into a parking spot – she must have seen the sign – and I hear, “kitties? kitties? kitties?” Yes, I use a trip to Pet Smart like a trip to the zoo: we visit the dogs getting hair cuts; we play (through the glass) with the kitties up for adoption; we visit with the fish; we check out the birds; and, on occasion, we see a turtle or two. She loves it.

On yet another occasion, we were leaving the UPS store and I was holding Grace’s hand as we walked out the door. I asked her if she knew where we were going next. She nodded her head yes and said “eye-keem!!” I felt bad, but said, “No, sweetie, we are going to the library.” Luckily, with this child, the library is just as good as ice cream, so she was okay with the real plans. I thought for a minute about why she though we were getting ice cream – because I am SO careful not to say those words unless the item in question will appear within 5 minutes. I realized: usually, the only time that she walks out the door of a store/restaurant, holding our hands, is when we are walking from one of our favorite restaurants (that we usually visit weekly) and walk down the sidewalk, past about 6 other stores, and have ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I guess she just associated the fact that she was walking with the getting ice cream.


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