Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Grace and Big Words

I will continue to document some of the fun solutions that Grace has to some words. It will be fun one day to look back and remember how she said “Aaah-keem (ice cream).”

In general, if Grace doesn’t know what something is, she will look to us for an answer. Once we tell her what the item is, she will repeat the word – sometimes with freakish clarity. Two cases in point:

1. Excavator. In our neighborhood park, they are working on some sewer or water lines, so there is some heavy machinery involved. Grace can pretty clearly say excavator. She is excited to see them and gets a little sad when we walk away from them; saying, “ECK-a-vatah,” over and over.

2. Ampersand. At Gymboree this week, she noticed a sign that said, “Play & Music.” She generally recognizes that there are letters and numbers, but doesn’t KNOW any of them yet. She questioned the ampersand, though. I told her, “That is an ampersand,” thinking that she’ll just ignore it. Nope. Little voice repeats, “ammeramp.” Close enough for me.

Random Story #2 – Counting

As I’ve said, Grace recognizes that there are numbers and letters and will listen to me say the A,B,Cs and count, but she doesn’t KNOW any of it. HOWEVER, this week, we were saying, “One, two, three, jump!” at Gymboree. After two times of jumping, she started climbing back to the top and would say, “Two, Ump!”  She might have been missing a one and a three and a J, but that’s pretty good for someone who doesn’t know how to count.

Also, whenever she does try to identify numbers, they are all four. I do not know why that is her number of choice, but it is. Much like her color of choice is green – her first guess of almost anything is green. We are working on it.

Random Story #3 – What’s Old is New Again

It’s very interesting, to me: Grace has started rediscovering some toys that she has had since she was three months old. Recent favorites are – a musical monkey that is designed to wrap around the handle of an infant car seat – it was too big for Grace’s, so it always lived in the house; stacking rings – I am using these while she is so interested to work on colors as well as ordination (“the blue one goes first, you need the orange one before the red one, etc.”); and, her Baby Einstein’s Treasure Chest – this held her attention for almost 20 minutes today (unheard of for a toddler).

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