Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Words

This is another installment of Grace’s way of saying certain words.

breshus = breakfast

Ah-eye-keem =ice cream  –> usually said in quick succession until the ice cream is presented in front of her.

mahmelon = watermelon –> her current favorite food

onyon = onion –> because of grocery shopping, she loves finding/pointing out onions if/when she sees them

liewawy = library –> this is her current favorite place and considering that many adults have trouble saying this word correctly, I say this is a WIN! 🙂

Random Story #2 – Every child is a baby

In Hobby Lobby, a 3 or 4-year-old was throwing a mini-tantrum in the check-out line over not being allowed to get something. Grace was very concerned because of the crying. She kept asking me, “Baby?” I am working on getting her to understand that not all children are babies – especially those that are older than the little girl calling them a baby. I told her that the little girl was okay, so Grace asked me, “Mommy?” I said, “Yes, HER mommy will take care of it.” We are also working on the fact that I am Grace’s Mommy and other kids have their own mommies. She pointed at me and proudly said, “Mommy!” and then pointed at herself and said, “Grace!” I love it – she is so cute.

Random Story #3 – Ordering what she wants

We went out to lunch, as a family, recently, and the waiter asked us for our drink order. I said, “Iced tea, please.” Brian said, “Iced tea for me, too.” A small voice from beside us pipes up with “Iced tea!” The waiter just looked at us surprised, because her timing was perfect – it really seemed like she was ordering herself a drink. Laughing, I told her that she could share my iced tea and she was okay with that. Of course, she DID remember that I said that and expected payment. She is TOO smart for her own good.


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