Descriptive Words and a Toddler

Dead Poets Society is a wonderful movie. I always enjoyed the poetry segments of any of my English classes in school (Middle School, High School, or college), but I was never that passionate about it. Despite that, there are so many other lessons to be learned from the movie. Like this part:

I love the thesaurus. There are so many options in how to get your point across. You may or may not know that I am a writer. I have always loved to write. That has served me well writing research papers in college and journal submissions since; writing grant applications, progress reports, marketing plans, and email newsletters at work; and, helping 5-year-olds learn to read.

Grace loves books and has always loved to be read to. Now, we are entering the world of reading “real” books – those with plots and everything. You know, beyond just identifying the things on the page or “the cow says moo, the duck says quack, etc.” We have started enjoying the Gossie Books by Olivier Dunrea. Grace likes them all, but personally, my favorite is Gideon.

Partly because his best friend is his stuffed octopus named Otto. It’s just too cute. The other, slightly larger reason, is because the great writing. In his effort to avoid a nap, Gideon does many things, he: ¬†marches, plays, dashes, hops, tags, finds, chases, sneaks, scurries, splashes, scoots, listens, scampers, bounces, leaps, plays quietly, wanders, and scrambles. Every activity has a different verb – he never walks or runs. I really love that Grace is learning all of these different ways to say “went” or “goes.” She, of course, doesn’t know that it is a big deal, but I like that she is being exposed to these different words while enjoying a cute book.




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