18 Month Check-up

Today was Grace’s 18-month well-baby check up. Or, well-kid? We are on a strange border between baby and toddler.

Grace is 34 inches and 27.8 pounds. She definitely doesn’t fit the size of a baby anymore. She is still in the 95th percentile in both height and weight – the norm for Grace.

It is always nice when you pediatrician is very happy with your kid’s progress/development.

Grace did have to get 2 immunizations and a blood iron test – they poked her finger. She had been tired before the appointment and I think she knew that she would be getting shots today, so she was ready to cry when the nurse came in to administer the shots. She cried, wailed, gave me that look like I was the most evil person in the world for holding her down, you know – the norm. The shots were done, the blood drawn, crying dying down, and the nurse asked Grace if she wanted a sticker. A very pitiful, “Yes,” came from the little girl in my arms. She (the nurse) couldn’t find a good sticker for her, but another nurse said, “We have turtles.” Grace’s head snapped around and said, “turdelle?” Yep, she was all better then.

I had told her that we would get ice cream after her appointment. We were walking through the parking lot to the truck and she was asking for ice cream. I said, “Yes, we are going to go get some ice cream.” She couldn’t quite understand that we had to go to another place to get the ice cream. When I put her in the truck, there were more tears. I guess she thought we should have been able to get ice cream at that same building and that I was taking her away without giving her the treat. No worries, we went to the mall and the first thing we did was stop for ice cream. She probably had more ice cream than she needed in an entire day, but that’s okay.

One surprising thing was that Grace cut FOUR molars in the past two nights. I help her brush her teeth at night and have been checking for new teeth, because I knew that they were coming. Last night I noticed that one was ALMOST through, but not quite there. Oh no, she has all four molars at least poked through the gums – 2 have all four points through, 1 has 2 points through, and the last has one point through. The two that were completely through, had to have broken through last night. Grace doesn’t act sick or anything when she is. There were (mostly) no signs – she hadn’t been sleeping as soundly as usual lately, but nothing to take notice of. So, SURPRISE! It is really how Grace does things – every tooth has come in as a set – nothing the easy way.


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