Having Fun in an Ice-Cold Splash Pad

It snowed in the Midwest. In May. That is really weird. I feel badly for everyone that I know (and all I don’t) in that area. It is ridiculous that they still have to deal with winter.

Grace and I visited a neighborhood splash pad today. About 20 minutes before we arrived, the clouds came in and the wind picked up. She had put up with a lot of errands already in the day, so I was going to let her play no matter what.

She had a blast, freezing though she was. I wish I could have gotten a video of how badly her lip was quivering because of her shivering. All I could think of was, “You are EXACTLY like your mom and dad!” I know as children, both Brian and I (along with our siblings) would have played until we were blue.

Splash Pad 01 - WEB

Splash Pad 02 - WEB

Splash Pad 03 - WEB

Splash Pad 04 - WEB

Splash Pad 05 - WEB




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