Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story 1 – Arguing with a Toddler

There are times that I do not have a problem arguing with Grace. She is pretty good about listening to instructions and usually takes “no” in stride (it doesn’t count if she’s tired and cranky – there’s no pleasing anyone in that state). When we do have an argument, it is usually because I have said she can’t do something that she wants. Distraction or a firm “I said ‘no’,” usually ends those. There are other times where I catch myself in the middle of the argument and think “WHAT are you doing?!?!?” These occasions are when Grace is arguing over what something is. Two examples:

Example #1 – In one of her books, there are a variety of animals. She has decided that the skunk is a cat. Three days in a row, we went back and forth with me telling her it is a skunk and her adamant that it is a cat. Several things go through my head with this one: “who is she to doubt my intelligence?”;  “She and Pepe LePew would get along great!”; and, “I could ship you out to Montana and my cousin Gina and her boys would get you to understand the difference!” The last one always makes me laugh, so I give up arguing with her and hide the book when she isn’t looking.

Example #2 – Brian really likes lemons. We always have lemons in the house. They go in water, they go in tea, they go on salmon, they go with chicken, etc. Grace also likes to eat lemons. She knows what a lemon is. One day, she pointed at an orange on the counter and said, “mlemem.” I told her it was an orange. She did not accept that answer and tried to argue with me that it was a lemon while demanding a bite.

Random Story 2 – A Tea Party and Dancing

For Christmas, Grace got two different tea sets. She loves them both. In the beginning, we would play with her to help her understand the “game.” She took it from there. There was a couple of weeks in February when her [stuffed] dogs, Jingle and Bell, had daily tea parties. She has gotten really good with the imaginary play (I am very proud of her), but it was very surprising what I saw yesterday. I was finishing putting away groceries and prepping veggies and fruits for the week, while Grace was watching Doc McStuffins and they were having a tea party. As with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Grace knows the main songs. I heard “Time for Your Check-up” come one and Grace dancing and singing along. Watching her, I realized that she had a tea cup in one hand and a pretend tea cake in the other. She had been having a tea party while the toys were.

Random Story 3 – Memory Like a Steal Trap

Grace has my old iPod touch in a kid-safe case. They only thing on it is her apps and some old photos. I updated those photos last Friday evening. There are now photos of our family, the dogs, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc on there for her to scroll through. While playing with it this weekend, two things happened:

#1 – Grace gets to an image of her on an egg hunt in our front yard for Easter. This little girl throws her iPod down on the sofa and starts emphatically pointing at the kitchen and telling me “baket!!” She remembered where I had stored her Easter basket! It was a beautiful day out, so I told her she needed to get her shoes on and we would go have an egg hunt. She sprinted to our closet to get her shoes and came running out to Brian telling him “shoes!!” and wanting him to put them on her feet. We went outside, Brian and I literally tossed the eggs around the yard and she went to town finding them. She had fun roaming around the back yard. Lulu stole two of the eggs and tried to get them open (they were taped shut) and did get one of the others open, but was quite disappointed that they were empty. The whole event took less than 10 minutes, so I brought out the bubbles for all three girls – Hera and Lulu have more fun chasing bubbles than Grace does, sometimes.

#2 – Later, Grace comes across an image of her playing with Grandma at Grandma and Grandpa’s house at Thanksgiving. When we travel, Grace’s suitcase is a Panda (named Panda) and her toys travel in the matching backpack (named P.J. – short for Panda, Jr.). In the photo was P.J. Again, the iPod gets thrown down on the sofa and Grace runs to the closet, trying to reach the knob. When it doesn’t work, she turns back to me asking, “Pana? Pana?” She remembered where our luggage lives! I was nice and did get it out for her. I am just amazed, because she hasn’t seen Panda or P.J. since Christmas – they are way back in the back of the closet. I can’t get anything by her. I’m in trouble.


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