Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Recent Random Stories

Random Story 1 – Toes

While Grace was finishing up her lunch, I noticed that one of her toe nails was pretty ragged. When it comes to this child, if you inspect, touch, tickle, kiss, bite, or even look at one of Grace’s feet, you MUST do the same to the other. So, I looked at both feet and decided that I definitely needed to clip her toenails and said to her, “Oh, girl, you have your daddy’s jacked up toenails.” She got down and started to run back to her toys, but looked down at her feet, picked up one, pointed at it and asked me, “Toes?” I said, “Yes…” She gave me a confused look and asked, “Daddy?” while still holding up her foot. I laughed and said, “Yes, you have daddy’s jacked up toenails.” She grinned at me and said, “Mommy!” while trying to walk and point at her foot. So, I conceded and said, “You are right, you have Mommy’s long toes, but you still have your Daddy’s toenails.” She responded, “Yep!” and ran off to play.

Random Story 2 – Hugging

At Gymboree, there is a little girl who is Grace’s exact opposite in appearance (dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin) but match in behavior. Her mom calls the two of them salt and pepper. They are still a little young to really play “together,” though they DO try to share toys, mostly it is parallel play or mimicry. This week, randomly, Grace tried to give her a hug. Her friend wasn’t paying attention, so it didn’t happen, and then Grace got distracted and started to walk away… just as her friend realized what Grace was trying to do. So, she followed Grace a couple of feet away, arms out, trying to hug Grace. Finally, I got Grace’s attention and got her to realize what was going on. She turned and gave her friend a hug… BUT as anyone who has ever seen two toddlers hug would tell you, it was doomed to failure. They each were VERY enthusiastic about their hugging and it didn’t take long before they both went down. Neither was hurt in any way, but each girl got up and ran back to their mommies for reassurance. It all ended well, because Grace was happily saying Bye-bye as soon as I picked her up.

Random Story 3 – My Little Shadow

This is not a new occurrence: Grace is everywhere I go. I see or hear this in every Facebook status, Tweet, Pinterest joke, forum, blog, etc. by any stay at home mom. Hell, my next book purchase will be this book – I Just Want to Pee Alone. I do find it funny that Brian just had this conversation with a friend of his today. To him, it is adorable, but he knows that it can/does get tedious for me. Grace is getting more and more interested in independent play, but right now, I DO need to be in the same room, which usually works just fine. I did give her freedom during my shower again today, as I’ve tried before, with a better result. I turned on both the living room TV and the TV in our bedroom (to the same show – thank you Jake and the Never Land Pirates) and got in the shower. She spent most of the shower on the bath mat right outside the shower door. Even WITH freedom, she usually needs to be right next to me. I am aware how adorable it is. Any time she wasn’t in the bathroom, she would wander into the living room (where I could hear her) watch TV for a minute, grab a new toy, walk back into our bedroom (where I could see her), watch TV for a minute, and come back to her spot in the bathroom. At least right now I can take a [short] shower without her getting into too much trouble.

Random Story 4

On Family Guy, when Stewie runs around, there is this distinct pitter patter noise. Brian and I always used to joke that any child we had would be just like Stewie (random British accent, world domination ambitions, etc) and Brian said, “At least we would always be able to hear him/her before they snuck up on us [because of the pitter patter].” Well, we have reached that moment – we got home from running errands and I let Grace loose. She ran off into the kitchen, while I walked back to our master bathroom. I knew she would follow me, so I wasn’t concerned (see above). Sure enough, she followed me into the bathroom at full speed. As she joined me, I realized that the sound of her running on the linoleum in the kitchen and the tile in the bathroom was EXACTLY that sound. I started laughing to myself and wanted to tell Brian immediately, but a toddler lunch was overdue, so everything else had to wait. It still makes me laugh that she makes that sound.

Random Story 5

It is AWESOME to hear a toddler say things that she doesn’t quite get correct, yet:

vaaccher = vacuum –> She LOVES to vacuum

pahirah = pirate  –> we watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates

diosor = dinosaur –> There are dinosaurs on one of her sippy cups and we watch Dinosaur Train once in a while. Can’t start paleontology too early. 🙂

Hairwa = Hera

Nunu = Lulu  –> This one makes me laugh, because she CAN say “l” words. I think Lulu will be “Nunu” for a long time, just because it is what Grace has always called her.

Appoh = iPod –> I taught her the correct word for her iPod when I realized she was calling her iPod a tablet (like Brian and mine).

Bikut = Biscuit –> I grabbed one of these books randomly in the library a couple of weeks ago, now we need to have one of them in the house. She asks for it at the library, too.

Bye-bye-oh/Bye-bye-er = Bye-bye, See you later –>Every morning we say, “Bye-bye, Sven, see you later.” If we break it up, she will say it correctly, but she has started combining it into one word. It’s cute.

Mamerah = Camera




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