A Garage Sale with a Toddler

Our neighborhood held its semi-annual community garage sale today. We decided to participate and try to get rid of a few things we don’t need. This included some of Grace’s baby toys, bottles, and such. I spent random times earlier this week cleaning and disinfecting toys. Grace was, for the most part, helpful – she would play with her books and/or other toys while I worked. Of course, upon seeing some of they toys I was preparing, she wanted to play with those. I would tell her that she couldn’t – “Those aren’t your toys” was always on my lips. But, technically, they WERE her toys. How do you explain that to a toddler? For the most part, she accepted the simple statement of “You can’t play with those right now.” Today, during the sale, it was much more fun for her. She was allowed to play in the front yard, the driveway, the garage, and the sidewalks around our house. She was more than happy to run up and down the sidewalk. She was much less happy when I made her come inside, because I needed a break from chasing her.

To sum up: A garage sale for a toddler can be summed up in two main points:

1. Confusion over her toys not being “her” toys any longer.

2. Bliss in being allowed to run around and play where she usually isn’t allowed.


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