Grace and Lulu

Grace and Lulu have a special relationship. When I first thought about this, I wanted to call it a love-hate relationship, but that is not quite true. Grace LOVES Lulu – sometimes a little too much – and Lulu likes Grace when it serves her purposes.

In the beginning, things were okay. Grace was little, didn’t make much noise, and couldn’t reach Lulu.

Grace and Lulu 01 - WEB


Then, too quickly, things changed. Grace came to Lulu’s eye level.

Grace and Lulu 02 - WEB


Lulu, was okay with this, though. Grace usually smelled of food. 🙂

But, then Grace became mobile.

Grace and Lulu 03 - WEB


She still smelled like food, so Lulu was willing to get close, but also made sure she was just out of Grace’s reach. Grace has, of course, gotten much quicker. Lulu has to run to get away from her and has become quite good at hiding from Grace.

Though, in Grace’s defense  Grace loses Lulu as often as she loses her sippy cup of milk – like when it’s 2 feet away from her. Whenever Grace is looking for Lulu, I do not tell her where she is hiding – I feel that if Lulu has been able to find a safe (temporary) place, good for her. Generally, Grace wants to play with Lulu, she just gets carried away and/or doesn’t realize that she might be hurting Lulu. For example, Grace chasing Lulu with a hair brush on Monday.

Don’t let any of this fool you, though – when it suits her needs, Lulu is fine with anything Grace wants to do. Like, when Grace is feeding Lulu her crackers. While Grace often smelled like food when she was younger, now, Grace is allowed to have crackers, or other snacks, in the living room, while playing. Lulu is just fine with this situation – Grace often puts down her cracker and forgets about it. Followed shortly by our stealthy little dog sneaking the prize away.

Grace and Lulu 04 - WEB


From the beginning, Brian and I knew that Grace and Lulu will be a formidable pair when it comes to trouble. I have no doubt, in my very near future, Grace and Lulu will learn just how much they can [try to] get away with if they combine their powers for trouble and destruction.


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