My Day with Grace

About two weeks ago, Grace started waking up and would babble away with Sven, her blankets, or anything in her room that caught her eye. From the time she was around 5 months to 12 months,  this was the norm. She would happily jabber away in her bed for thirty minutes while I took a shower in the mornings. When she started doing it again,  I thought it was (again) very cute, because she would usually point out/tell me whatever she had been talking about and who with. Today, I woke up to hear her calling for milk, or miylk as it sounds from her. I have no idea why. She has milk with her breakfast, but it’s not that big of an event. My first thought was that she was trying to order room service. She wasn’t angry or impatient, she just continued to repeat the word.

A new(ish) development is that she can sort of jump. On her bed. Every morning, she hands me one blanket, I fold it and hang it over the crib rail, as she hands me the second blanket. As soon as that second blanket is out of her hands, she turns around, faces the wall, and starts excitedly jumping on the bed, while holding the railing. She only jumps for about 20 seconds, because then she realizes that she is jumping near, or on, Sven. She exclaims, “Sven!!” greeting him as though she hasn’t seen him in years, rather than the 3 minutes prior. She gives him a hug and hands him to me, remembering that I am the keeper of breakfast. It is awesome hearing a 1 year old say “breakfast.”

Randomly, today, I picked up loose toys, that had been forgotten in the playroom, on my way to Grace’s room. Most got put away on the way, except a miniature rubber duck that is dressed as a donkey (from a nativity set). She took him from me and brought him to breakfast with her. The novelty of having a toy with her on her tray was not lost on her. She ate very well, I’m guessing in an effort not to loose her new friend. After her breakfast, Grace enjoys eating some of my wheat chex with her fruit and/or yogurt. Today, she took a square, popped it into her mouth, then wanted another – this is not unusual, I gave her the second, and she tried to feed it to the donkey-duck. Correctly. I tried to explain that he couldn’t eat it, her accepting my explanation when I said that he wasn’t hungry.

Normally, when I take a shower when it is just Grace and I, I baby gate her into the bathroom with me. When she does have freedom, when Brian is home, she usually plays in the bathroom anyways. Today, I thought I would let her test out her freedom. Unfortunately, for Lulu, Grace spent 5 minutes, of my 7 minute shower, chasing Lulu around, trying to brush her with my hair brush. Lulu is very good at evading, so I wasn’t too worried, but Lulu was not happy with me until I got out of the shower. I guess she thought Grace would listen to me more out of the shower. Ha.

At lunch, Grace had a peanut butter and jelly Jammy Sammy (one of our favorite invention – me for the convenience and Grace for the taste) and diced peaches. After finishing her sandwich,  she started attacking the peaches. Literally. She was yelling something at them, or to them, and smashing them and smushing them up against the sides of her tray. I have no idea what the game was, but it was hilarious and she was eating the victims, so I let her be.

Last Monday, coincidentally the first day of April, I decided it was time. No. More. Bottles. Period.  It hasn’t phased her one bit. We were down to only using a bottle at nap time since the beginning of the year. Nap times had been such a battle for so long, I was terrified of changing the routine that had started working so well. But last Monday, I bit the bullet. We do things exactly the same way we do at bed time, but I have let her use a sippy cup of milk while we read books at nap time. That will stop after this week. She barely drinks anything anyways – she is too engrossed in the books. The whole routine,  with back patting in bed (the next thing to go away – I HATE it), takes around 20 minutes.  Which is what makes me so angry on the weekends when she fights naps so badly.

Unfortunately, she woke up crying from her nap. She got too warm under the thick blanket. I knew better. So, she wasn’t happy and it didn’t really get any better. She realized this weekend that I can make The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse come on anytime I want (through OnDemand). Now, she thinks it needs to always be on. She’s learning quickly that is not the case.  Saturday is when this new obsession with Mickey began.  He is not new to her world, so I’m not sure what triggered this new found love. But there was more than one screaming fit because it wasn’t on. They never last long, she is pretty easily distracted. For now.

With her attitude not improving, she was put to bed at 7:15 tonight,  because she thought a fun new game was to hit (and keep trying to hit) Lulu in the face/head, and then bite my knee when I stopped her from doing so. It was the hysterical giggling that gave her away – she needed more sleep. I helped Lulu escape and told Grace to give Daddy a kiss and say night-night. As soon as those words registered, she stood up, sweetly gave Brian a kiss and hug, told him “I wuv woo” and “nigh-nigh,” and ran to me to go upstairs to bed. Like she was a perfect angel the entire time.She was sound asleep before 7:30pm.

These are just some of the cute stories today, we also:  vacuumed the main floor, swept and mopped the main floor, did 4 loads of laundry, ran a couple of errands, cleaned one of the bathrooms, went on a family walk, and had tacos for dinner. We are NEVER bored around here.


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