“She’s Getting SO Big! “

The first thing I hear from anyone that hasn’t seen Grace in more than a week is: She’s getting so big!! And, it is true – she is growing like a weed. She turned 17 months two days ago and she is in 24 month clothes. She runs around like a typical toddler and loves climbing on the furniture.  Earlier this week, we were playing in the playroom and Grace brought me one of her books. But Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boynton.  She was flipping through, telling me where the cat was, the rats, the pig, and so on. She got to the page with just the hippopotamus and asked me to identify it. I told her the word and repeated it a couple times to help her out. After that, she happily carried the book around telling me about the “possamus.” My first thought was of “Hip. Hip hop. Hiphopannonymous.” From the movie Big Daddy. My second thought was, “Oh, no, she is getting too old.” Then, twenty minutes later, she was pulling all of the throw pillows off the sofa. Each pillow covered her from shoulder to knees, and I thought, “Nope, she’s still plenty little.”

Grace has had a cold this week. It’s the first one in quite a while.  She has done really well with it and it is just about gone. The cute thing this week has been: whenever her nose was running, or after sneezing, she would come up to me, stretch her nose as much as possible and say, “Nose!” Though it came out more “ndose,” due to the stuffiness of said nose.

Yesterday,  we went and took bluebonnet photos. Grace fell on a fire ant mound. Surprisingly,  she only ended up with 6 bites on her hands. I’m guessing she was killing them as they were trying to get her. I feel so badly that she got hurt for a couple of silly photos. The wonderful thing is that she heals like I do – the bites are almost completely gone, just very small blisters left.

One really great thing about Grace getting bigger/older is that now she will randomly come up to us and want a hug or a cuddle.  It doesn’t always last long, but it doesn’t need to – it is by HER choice.


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