Grace’s Current Phases

Right now, Grace is going through two phases that, to me, are very quintessentially “toddler.”

1. Vocabulary Test
We are big into the identification phase. Grace knows a LOT of words and she loves finding more. All day long she and I identify things we see – on TV, in books, in magazined, in Target, in the grocery store, on walks, everywhere. Sometimes it is Grace identifying the object and looking to me for confirmation; other times, she realizes that she does not have the name for the object and looks to me. I am very proud of her wanting to learn more and to validate what she foes know, but sometimes, identifying each of the 10 cows in one of the counting books, for the sixth time in a row, can get tedious.

2. Confirming Boundaries
The other phase we are in is MUCH more irritating, but, so very toddler. Grace will touch something that she knows that she is not supposed to, wait for me to notice, and, smiling, say, “No no?” This happens all the time. Usually, I am able to just remind her and then get her focused on something else. Other times, she will do it several times in a row, because she thinks that she is funny. That’s usually when it is time for a nap.


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