Revisiting Daylight Savings Time

I would like to change my position on daylight savings time. I hate it. Getting Grace to sleep on Sunday was fine. Every other day this week has sucked. AND I have accounted for the time shift on her body. Nap times have been approached closer to 3 o’clock, rather than 2 o’clock and bedtime routines have begun at 7:30pm, instead of finishing then.

Tuesday night I even rocked with her for twenty minutes before putting her in bed.

But, nap time today was the final straw. It was a battle that we haven’t seen since January. She did finally fall asleep, but not until almost 4pm. Brian came home while she was still sleeping and asked me, “Did you win?”

“Always.” It is just as much a power struggle as it is convincing her she needs sleep. Then, this evening,  she was out of control,  so we bedtime started shortly after 7pm. No fussing, no crying. After our 6 books, she laid down with Sven, ajusted once after I left, and was out.


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