Grace’s New Table

A couple weeks ago, I started thinking that it might be cute for Grace to have a play table that we could do projects on, instead of the kitchen floor or her high chair – the one is probably not as clean as it should be and the other is far too small for many things. My first place to look was Pottery Barn Kids. I love PB Kids furniture. Grace’s changing table is a PB Kids bookshelf and her other bookshelf is also PB Kids. This is what I wanted:

The table and 2 chairs costs $385.00. Uh, not cool. Eventually, when I’m looking for furniture, I do remember that there is an IKEA within 20 minutes of our house. I looked online and we checked it out one day when we were near the store. I found the perfect match. Grace and I bought them today and she helped me put the two chairs together.

Graces Table 1 - WEB

Graces Table 2 - WEBThis is the Kritter Table and Chairs. All together, it cost $51, before tax. It really is just as sturdy as the Pottery Barn version, but lighter that I can pick it all up, easily, when I [will] need to move it.

She really likes it, even though she is still a little short for the chairs.


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