Reflecting on a Productive Week

As has been mentioned on this blog, and is pretty well known to anyone that knows me longer than a week, I am great at starting things, but less good at following through. It’s not that I don’t want to finish my plans and projects, it just that life usually gets in the way and things get shoved to the back burner and forgotten.


I finally finished two projects I’ve wanted to accomplish for a couple months (yeah, I know) and made great progress on another. Okay, and I started one other, too.


Grace’s Busy Board

Busy Board 1 - WEB

This took MUCH longer than I had anticipated. I had seen several of these on Pinterest and around the Blogosphere and a couple people did talk about the time involved. I planned for that. What I didn’t plan for: I used a scrap piece of “wood” that has been hanging around our house for several months – I had gotten it from work. “Wood” is in quotation marks because I have no idea what this material actually was – when I drilled through it, it had the consistency of very compressed cardboard. It slowed me way down. The good thing was, though, it took paint very well and looks very clean and crisp.

Grace definitely approves.

Busy Board 2 - WEB

Growth Chart

Growth Chart - WEB

Again, from Pinterest, I originally wanted to make this before Grace’s birthday… last November. I know. This one only took two nap times – one to sand and mark and one to stain. Grace helped me seal it and to add the numbers. She enjoys running up to it and touching the 1, 2, and 3 – can’t make it to the rest yet.


I have always wanted to create a gallery wall full of photos and memories in a hallway/stairway. Well, since we’ve moved in, I have been working on that. Our stairway is fun, but there are several things I want to add to it now. This past week I have been able to print and frame 4 out of 8 of the new things. Yes!

New Project

Eh, I’ll keep this one to myself until I can share it.


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