Reflecting on a Cold Week

Don’t start in with the “Oh, yeah – cold in Houston. Do you know how cold it was here?!?!?!” stuff. I know. But when the highs all week do not go above 65 degrees and the lows were all in the low 40s, that IS cold in Houston. So let’s move past that fact.

While kids in the majority of the US can’t play outside in the winter because it is too cold, kids in Houston (and other parts of the south) can’t play outside in the summer because it is too hot. I have been trying to let Grace play outside at least once a day – knowing that she might not have much outside fun in the summer. Actually, it was only two weeks ago that I was going through Grace’s closet, packing away clothes that don’t fit her anymore, and realizing that we really need to be getting her some new warmer weather clothing (because the highs were in the upper 70s then).

And then the cold front came in and this week, we have all been in sweatshirts, pants, and multiple layers. Unfortunately, the warmest times of day are right during Grace’s nap time, so she has not been able to play outside all week. I feel bad – no bubbles, no chalk, no running around the backyard and picking up Hera and Lulu’s toys. I know that it will all change sooner than later, but to make it up to her (like she realizes at all) I did take her to Open Gym at Gymboree yesterday. It was kind of novel for her – she didn’t know the other kids, but still wanted to try to play with them. One little boy took her down with a fake hug because he wasn’t happy that Grace was playing on “his” bridge. I thought it was funny – because she was in no way hurt, the mom felt really bad – I assured her it was okay, he was mad that it didn’t get Grace off the bridge, and Grace just looked at me with a look of “What the hell was that?!?!?” The mom did remove him from the bridge for his behavior, so he threw himself down and was throwing a tantrum. Grace climbed down and went to see if he was okay. She was very concerned about him, but didn’t know what to do. It was cute watching her try to figure out what the problem was.

I did get a couple of photos (with my phone), but when Grace is on the climbing things – which would make for cute photos – I still need to be close to her to help her not fall.



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