Random Cute Grace Stories

Today, there were two super-cute Grace stories that I need to document.

Story #1

Much like the tea parties of last week, this week, Grace has discovered the fun of a large empty cardboard box that has been hanging out in our music room. She wasn’t sure at first, but after I told her that it was okay that she play in/with it, she went to town. It is not a regular box, it measures 36″x24″x3″, so it stands up and forms a hut around her. As usual, both Jingle and Bell were brought into the fort and she played there for about an hour. I love her imagination.


Story #2

Just as cute, MUCH more devious. The way we have our kitchen gated off, the door to the music room serves as Grace’s drive-thru window for milk refills and whatever else. Today it was for crackers. This is not new. She comes to the door, asks for a cracker, and goes back to playing. I was prepping dinner, so I handed her the cracker, waited for her to say, “Thank you,” and let her go. She came back not too long after, asking for another. I gave her another one, repeating the process, and off she went. MUCH too soon, she came back for another one, saying ,”Cracker, please!” As I turned to her, I realized Lulu was crunching away on something. I handed her another cracker and, paying attention this time, watched her run around to the other gate where Lulu was patiently waiting for another cracker. I’m not sure who the mastermind was, but I know both girls were thoroughly enjoying the game. I’m in trouble.


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