Reflecting on a Rather Busy Week

I love projects. I am a fixer. When there is something that can be improved, I’m on it. A couple of weeks ago, Brian mused that it would be nice if we would get rid of the cheap wire shelving in our bathroom and put up real shelves. I, of course, didn’t forget. He did. I researched, pre-shopped, and planned. Unfortunately, I am terrible about documenting my projects – something I am working on. I had the shelving out and the wall in the bathroom taped before I thought of “before” photos. I found the perfect old window to finish the project at an antique store, but again, it was almost completely sanded and cleaned up before I thought of the “before” photos again. Oh, well. Here’s the after:

Bathroom 1 - WEB

Bathroom 2 - WEB


The physical part of the project started on Sunday afternoon and was completed on Thursday, with the assistance of my Super Helper.

Along with her helping me, Grace has had a busy week of her own. Monday, I noticed a new game she has started – on her own. She has been holding tea parties with Jingle and Bell – her husky pups. Well, mostly just with cakes, but it is still adorable.

Tea Time 1 - WEB

Tea Time 2 - WEB

Tea Time 3 - WEB

Tea Time 4 - WEB

Tea Time 6 - WEB

Tea Time 5 - WEB

Besides hosting tea parties, Grace has also entered a new phase in throwing tantrums. It’s as hilarious as it is irritating. She will now throw herself all the way down to the floor if she feels like it and she will walk across the room to pick up a toy to throw it down. She is learning quickly that this accomplishes nothing, so hopefully we can get through it quickly, too.

I read an article on Wednesday from the perspective of a parent that had to go through breaking his 3-year-old twins of using pacifiers. I was thinking the entire time how grateful I am that Grace doesn’t/didn’t ever use a pacifier or suck her thumb. It DID, however, make me decide that it is time to get serious about getting Grace completely off the bottle. We have used bottles only at bedtime and nap time since November, but I really do need to get her off of them completely. We started on Thursday night, out of necessity – because I had no clean bottles for bed time. I did it better last night – while getting her dressed for bed, I explained that we were going to rock with blanket, read some books, and she could drink from her milk cup. She was quite confused with the change in our routine, but LOVED the book reading part. I read about a dozen books last night. I planned more tonight – I picked out which (7) books I would read ahead of time, then it was smooth through bath, PJs, and reading. After the last book I asked her if she wanted to rock with me or lay in bed with Sven. She rocked with me for about a minute and then wanted to get in bed. Tomorrow night, I won’t even take the milk cup up with us – she doesn’t even drink out of it. I am scared to death to try it for nap time. Within the past month, I have gotten us into a routine with nap time at 2(ish) pm. It has worked wonderfully. And now I’m going to mess it all up. I am going to wait until we have done the no-bottle-at-bedtime thing for at least a week before I mess with nap time at all.


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