Family Day

On a whim, we went to the Aquarium yesterday. Brian and Grace had never been – I had been once a couple of years ago. We had fun.

Aquarium 1 - WEB

Aquarium 2 - WEB

Aquarium 3 - WEB

Aquarium 4 - WEB

Aquarium 5 - WEB

Aquarium 6 - WEB


We do not spend a lot of time downtown, so after lunch, we decided to make a full day of it and went to the zoo, too. These adventures are getting more fun, for all of us, since Grace is able to walk around for part of it and understands that we are looking for something.

Zoo 1 - WEB

Zoo 2 - WEB

Zoo 3 - WEB

Zoo 4 - WEB

Zoo 5 - WEB

Zoo 6 - WEB

Zoo 7 - WEB

Zoo 8 - WEB


One of our favorite parts was when we were at the Small Cat exhibit. Most of them (leopard, lynx, etc) were near the front of the cages or out in the open. While we were looking for the Fossa, Brian and I were making jokes from Madagascar (“Fossa, oooh. Fossa, aaah.” and “Private probably won’t survive the mission.”) I realize Grace was pointing to the top of the cage, where the fossa was pacing back and forth, saying, “Meow, meow!” SHE found the cat! It was very cute and she was very proud of herself. I had assumed that she wouldn’t notice him that far up.


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