Foto Friday

This week’s photo prompts were a mix – a couple were really easy, one was really difficult (didn’t complete it yet), and two were almost the same.


01192013 - Bright - WEB


01202013 - Playing - WEB


01212013 - Equal - WEB


01222013 - Frozen - WEB


This one is hard.

Grace is very generous with her snuggles, but she is also very quick. There are so many instances that would be SO cute, but I didn’t have a camera handy. I am going to keep this assignment in mind and try to capture it.


I know that it is very cold in the Northeast and other places right now, but in Houston, it is 74 degrees. In January. I’m kind of annoyed by it. We have had to run the A/C every day this week, and the next two weeks will be the same. I could have taken a photo of something else in/from the fridge, like the frozen peas, but that seemed like cheating. It’s hard to photography Grace shivering, even though it is really cute. I will keep working on this one two.


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