Day 1

01102013 - WEB


Yay! I followed through on the first day! This is a photo of Grace for the day. 🙂

Other things of note:

1.Grace decided she wanted to go upstairs to see the new toilet in her bathroom. Without any hesitation, she crawled herself up the stairs. It was great watching her – with my hand about two inches from her butt. I am fine letting her explore on her own, but I will also be there to try to prevent any harsh falls. She did it two other times throughout the day. She is/was very proud of herself.

2. We also tried Grace feeding herself with a spoon. The spoon part went really well. I did take away her plate/tray before she could dump the whole thing  out, though. I’m not going to deal with that unless I absolutely have to.

And a photo, just for fun.



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