Right Place at the Right Time

Today, Grace and I were running errands. Nothing too exciting… Until our third stop. We had been to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot and we’re now onto Target. On Target, get the things we need, at the register, everything is rung up, I don’t have my wallet. Five minutes of panicked searching the truck, confusing Grace, and questioning certain laws of physics. I find my wallet inside the Home Depot sack. Slowly my heart returns to normal rhythm. We go back into Target and pay. Back to the car. I unload everything and Grace and I turn to return the cart. I look down, and there is a very nice iPhone. Crap.

I picked it up and literally just stood there for the moment. It could belong to someone in the car right there, but this is the cart return – it could be ANYONE’s. And if they returned their cart, they might be gone. I tried to think what to do. Leave a note? But it might not belong to that car. Take it inside to customer service? Two reasons no: I wouldn’t trusts any of these employees and how would the person know to look there? I checked the phone to see if there was someone I could call that could contact the person. Found “Home.” 770 area code. Double crap.

770 is Atlanta. I know that very well. So, I wasn’t going to be able to drop it off there. Still trying to think of how to solve this problem. A woman walks around to the side of the nearby car. I smiled at her as she approached, then I realized she wasn’t going for the car. I asked, “Did you drop a phone?” The look on her face of relief I saw made it certain it was hers. I’m sure I had that same look 10 minutes prior when I found my wallet. I handed it over and she thanked me. She left, Grace and I got into the truck, and I was backing out as she walked back up to us. I rolled down the window thinking something was wrong or missing. She tried to give me $20. It took a few minutes of arguing and refusing before she would listen to me. In the process she saw Brian’s Georgia Tech water bottle and asked if I was from Georgia. I said, “no, but my husband is and went to Georgia Tech.” Still trying to give me the money, she said, “Go to lunch! Go to the Varsity.” I replied, “we don’t eat at the Varsity, we eat at the Vortex.” She laughed and finally just thanked me.

I was thinking about it afterwards. If I hadn’t thought I had lost my wallet and had to search the truck and go back into Target, I wouldn’t have been the one to find her phone. It was at least a iPhone 4, if not 4s. There was no security lock on it. Someone could have used it all they wanted and racked up her bill. Or, like Brian pointed out: if someone wanted to keep it, they could just crack the screen and get a replacement phone. That woman would have lost everything.

I still need to be more careful about my own things, though.


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