Don’t Want to Talk About It

I guess it’s time.


Still not going to talk about what happened on Friday. I know that we all should. I don’t want to. I didn’t even start reading reports and information until late on Saturday. It is just so incomprehensible.

I do love seeing the stories about the teachers that put themselves between the guy and protected other people’s children. How, as a parent, do you thank a teacher for that? For the teacher that told each of her students that she loved them, so that they couldn’t hear the gunshots and that they would know one last time that someone loved them (thinking they were all going to die) and the teacher that hid each of her students in cupboards, closets, whatever, and lied to the guy that they were in the gym (and then losing her life). THESE were remarkable women (among so many others). THESE are the ones that we should be talking about – not some seriously ill person that does horrible things.

As a parent, I often think about how I would handle a given situation and how to get Grace to safety. I did the same when I was teaching. In that instance, we did run 2 drills in the year that I was at the school for this situation. I know the protocol and I practiced with my 23 5-year-olds as we were supposed to. These were not my biological children, but they were SOMEONE’s children – I would have done anything I could for them.

I know so many teachers – not just ones that were MY teachers. Both of my sisters-in-law, friends from college, a couple of Brian’s cousins, and his mom work at a school. WHY is it that they are putting their lives on the line by going to work in a SCHOOL?!?!? I hate that.

Connecticut is a long way away from Houston. I would like to do something to help, but that really isn’t feasible. A wonderful option popped up this afternoon. As Grace and I were arriving at Toys R Us, I heard on the radio that a local station is doing a teddy bear drive to collect donations for Houston First Responders. If I could, I would buy every child at Sandy Hook Elementary a teddy bear for what they went through, what they saw, what they now know, for those they lost, for everything that they have to live with. I would do that in a heartbeat. One important thing to remember, is that there are a lot of children and people in Houston that could use help all the time. So, Grace and I picked out several stuffed animals that we will take to the drive tomorrow. The First Responders give these teddy bears (or stuffed whatever) to children on their calls – children that are caught in the midst of domestic violence, those whose home caught on fire, or any of these things that children should never have to go through.


Grace was happy to squeeze each of the toys we picked out.


Just like every other parent after this tragedy, I have hugged her just a little tighter and snuggled with her just a little longer. My heart still hurts for everyone involved in this tragedy – parents, victims, survivors, police officers, medical examiners (can you imagine the morgue filled with TWENTY little bodies?!?!) – EVERYONE.


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