Rough Day All Around

Today was a very busy day. Grace woke up at 5:30am. That is fine, but she doesn’t get up until, at least, 7:00. Mostly, she played and babbled for that time, though I do think she took a nap at some point. After breakfast, we baked the last of the Christmas cookies, which got frosted during her nap. Brian took his truck off-roading, so it was a girl’s day. Grace was ready for a nap at 11:00, but wouldn’t settle down. She did take a 2hr nap at 1:00, thankfully.

While playing after her nap, she tripped and hit her mouth on a toy. At first, I thought she just bumped her head, but when I picked her up, she opened her mouth to cry again, and a ton of blood came out of her mouth. Okay, that is from the slightly panicky mommy. I know it wasn’t that much blood,but mouth wounds always bleed a lot, and I didn’t know what I was working with/against. I was able to calm her down and distract her to be able to look in her mouth. All six teeth are where they are supposed to be. She did scratch/cut her gum, but it looks like it is already starting to scab over. I’m going to look more closely when she’s asleep. This is the first time she’s ever bled and it wasn’t intentional. I’m proud that we made it over 13 months and we can say that.

I guess it was a minor medical day, today. I also had to give Grace’s tiger Sven stitches. One of his seams had been failing/weakening because of his trips in the washing machine. I’m guessing that Grace discovered the weaknesses in her pre-dawn playtime. He is all better now.


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