Decking the Halls

We have started decorating for the holidays. The tree is not up and the outdoor decorations are not up, but progress has been made. Grace, naturally, lucked out the most.

This is her Christmas tree. I found the idea on Pinterest from Sol and Rachel Do a Blog.

Christmas Decor 1 - WEB


She noticed it immediately after breakfast. She likes to take the ornaments and lights off and bring them to me, wherever I am. She does understand that she can make them re-stick to the tree, but she would much rather work with someone to do it right now.

She also has a nativity set. Thank you Fischer Price. I love it more when I set it up than I did when I ordered it.

Christmas Decor 2 - WEB


This is the entire set. It barely fits on the top of my cedar chest.

It includes a shepherd with a few sheep, the three wise men with a camel, and the stable and the Holy Family.

Christmas Decor 3 - WEBChristmas Decor 5 - WEBChristmas Decor 4 - WEB







I did not know that Baby Jesus lit up or that the whole thing played music. The stable door also makes animal sounds when opened and closed. Like I said, it’s even better than I thought.


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