Last night, while rocking Grace to sleep, I heard the wind and though, “Oh, it sounds cold. I wonder if Brian let Hera in.” And then I thought to myself, “Did I really say that it sounded cold?”

But, it’s true. Cold has a sound. And a smell. And a taste, truth be told.

I grew up in western Iowa and went to college in eastern Iowa, I do know about cold. Walking to class with a windchill of -24? Been there. Trick or Treating with our costumes over a snow suit? Yep, done that, too. That being said, I am definitely a southern girl now. Our high temperatures in Houston have finally dropped to the upper 60s and the lows have been in the 40s for almost a week. That is cold to us. I say anything to that effect to friends or family in the Midwest and they just roll their eyes. Every region has their own “cold.” What is “cold” in Toronto is not the same as “cold” in San Francisco, which is also different from “cold” in Miami.

We leave this weekend for the Midwest for Thanksgiving. Grace might be able to see/experience snow for the first time.


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