“I never look back, darling, it distracts from the now. ”  – Edna Mode, The Incredibles

I have been wearing the same brand and style of jeans for about 2 years now. Not because I love them or because they are perfect for me, but because it was easy. I hate trying to find new pants – there are so many variables. Skinny, straight leg, curvy, low-rise, mid-rise, boot cut, classic fit, sexy fit, boyfriend cut, etc, etc.

Today, I needed new jeans – my current pair were hanging on by a thread. Went in for the usual and just got pissed off. They had the styles for straight leg and sexy fit nicely arranged in organized, neat piles. They had 40 pair of my style on two 4 foot racks with no organization at all. I walked out of the store. If they can’t make it relatively simple to find what you are looking for, WHY give them your money. They only way to hurt a company is to not give them money. I am a firm believer in that fact.

Frustrated I walked further down the mall trying to figure out my next move. I decided to just walk into a store I used to love in college just to look around. As I was looking at their variety of jeans, I noticed the name of one of the styles I used to wear. And they had my size. I figured,”What the hell?” I tried them on, alomg with another style I remembered. And I have two new pairs of jeans. I am weirdly very excited. 🙂

I also find it fun that I am getting back to a style I really liked (and looked good in) from college.

But, always: “No capes!” 🙂


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