For more than a month we have known that Grace likes Halloween. We had to visit the Halloween section every time we went to Target, she would excitedly point out every pbumpbin (pumpkin) that she saw, and there was even the time that Brian had to take her to the Halloween aisle (with the spooky decorations and severed heads) to calm her down at Party City. I really wasn’t worried about her for Trick or Treaters last night. She was excited to see them every time the doorbell rang and we were really lucky, most of the kids in our neighborhood came in groups, so the doorbell only rang about 20 times throughout the night. She loved to see the kids, but because of the timing and the overlapping with bedtime, she was so overstimulated. It took her 15 minutes to just calm down and then took another 30 minutes to fall completely asleep.

Tonight was somewhat similar. We ran an extra errand tonight and we got home just at bedtime. I gave her 30 minutes and put her into her bed. She was almost asleep, so I knew she would be fine.

That’s the thing with our little bundle of energy, she will just keep going (and be happy) as long as she possibly can, so sometimes we forget how little she still is.


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