Waiting for Monday Night

Today we realized something important/very strange. We keep track of and watch college football on Saturday. Generally, we only watch the Houston Texans game and keep an eye on the Atlanta Falcons’ games on Sunday. Today, there was no Texans game. We both felt kind of lost. It is weird. With the Texans doing so well (they, along with the Falcons, are 4 – 0 this season so far), EVERYONE is talking about them. But, this week, we need to wait until tomorrow night. It IS fun that they will be on Monday Night Football. Oh, well… random post for Sunday.

We went out to lunch and ran some randomly fun errands to places we didn’t really need to go to. Through all of that, Grace didn’t sleep and then wouldn’t take her late afternoon nap. So, she was sound asleep by 7:15 tonight.


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