Happy 11 Months, Grace! and Blue! and Spaghetti

Today has been a very busy day.

1. Grace is now 11 months old. She is becoming such a big kid. I love it.





She is with her tiger Sven in these photos.  I bought Sven before she was born, just because I loved the name. I started putting him in her crib when she was very little because he is soft and cuddly, but he doesn’t have the fur that usual stuffed animals do. Now, he had become quite the friend. Most mornings, she will have a happy conversation with him for 10 minutes or so before she wants to get out of her bed. He also comforts her when she is putting herself to sleep – like she is doing more and more now.

2. We were able to do the blue photo shoot today:




My intent was for her to be a butterfly. The wings will be great when I make her an angel for our white week, but they are too feathery for a butterfly. I still think she looks really cute.

3. We tried a new adventure today, too. One of the libraries near us does what they call “Infant Explorers” the first Thursday of the month for babies to interact with each other and make a “craft.” I wasn’t sure how it would go, the timing was close to nap time. Grace did really well. The library needs a little more organization for dealing with a room full of kids under 2. It was still kind of fun, though. We will definitely be attending more library things.




The project was spaghetti painting. As usual, Grace was a little unsure at first, but after a few minutes she was really into it. This is something I can easily do for her here sometime.


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