Play Day

Today, by Grace’s standards (I’m assuming), was a great day. She slept in until 9:00 am, had a good breakfast of bananas and pears, going for a long walk, and then destroying the living room. Not really – by that, I mean that Hurricane Grace had free reign. I let her pull out every single toy that she wanted. Not that I really ever restrict her, but she was on a roll playing on her own. A couple of weeks ago, I gave her some old Easter eggs to play with – for a sorting/math game. She realized yesterday that they open, so her new game has been to bring me one and have me open it. In order to open them, I would hold it between my thumb and first finger of one hand and pop them open – she loved it. Today, she figured out how do to it on her own, well, with two hands, but I was still proud of her. I actually startled her with my praise at one point.

I have made my dislike of the patting the back thing at bedtime/nap time several times. I’m at my breaking point now. Grace has decided that SHE gets to decide when/if she sleeps and thinks it is a game. Starting today, there is now 5 minutes of patting and then I’m out. It did not go well for nap time and I eventually had to rock her a little while longer. Tomorrow will be rough, as well, I’m sure.

Speaking of Grace thinking it’s a game… little girl thinks that when we say “no,” it’s fun. So, we have switched tactics regarding some of the boundaries. If it isn’t something that she can harm herself with, or something that is an absolute NO, we have started ignoring the behavior. Because she literally looks at us to see if she is going to get the attention. I really thought we wouldn’t have to deal with this for a little while longer, but, as I’ve said to Brian, I think we hit the “terrible twos” at 10 months. Hopefully, that means that she will outgrow it early.


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