Do Nothing Day

That’s what we had today and, let me tell you, it was nice. Brian left the house for 5 minutes to run to buy us a Sunday paper. That was it. Grace and I didn’t leave at all. Well, okay, we did go for a family walk this afternoon, because the rain stopped and it seems like we may actually be getting Fall in Houston! It’s a shock. Usually, we just go from hot to rainy/cold back to weirdly humid.

Last week, on one of our errands, I picked this up as in impulse purchase:

We don’t have any ice packs and I figured between Grace figuring out how to walk, having my natural gracefulness (lack-of, I should say), and upcoming vaccinations, this would be good to have in the house. Who is the first one to need it? Yep, me. In one of those situations that you couldn’t reenact if you had to, I hurt my wrist and I noticed that it was starting to swell more than I thought it should. I did remember that I had this and I had even thought to put it in the fridge yesterday. Lucky me!  🙂


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