Rough Day

I said to Brian tonight, “It’s when Grace and I have days like this that make me truly afraid for when she’s a teenager.” It was a day of Grace testing every boundary that she has and not taking a nap. It took me 2 hours to get her to sleep for her “morning” nap. I say morning with quotations because it was 1:00pm when she finally fell asleep. And then she only slept for an hour. I was not happy.

Grace did yogurt painting while I was doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.


I put yellow food color in the yogurt. I realize that it looks like mustard – it isn’t.

I didn’t try to do anything with her this morning – we really have fun when Grace decides what we do. Today, she pulled out the empty peanut butter tub that I gave her months ago and we played putting toys in, taking them out, and rattling them around for nearly 2o minutes. I didn’t have my camera, or even my phone, nearby, so I couldn’t get any photos. What I found very funny was that I had vaguely thought to work on In and Out with her this week, but basically gave up when our week got so mixed up. And then my baby presents the opportunity herself.

While she was taking her short nap, I finished up the projects from her yellow foot prints. A couple prints worked really well for the duckies and some of the more messed up ones made really cute bumblebees – well, a bumblebee and a yellow jacket (go Georgia Tech!). šŸ™‚

I have seen several examples of ways to display kids artwork on Pinterest, but haven’t decided what exactly I want to do or where in our house I want it to be, so I hung up a string with some hooks under our large clock at the bottom of our stairs.


Grace noticed them right away after her nap and has been upset when she can see them from the living room and I won’t let her get to them. She was very happy to show Brian when he came home this afternoon.


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