Busy, Busy Day

Today was a very busy day of running errands. Grace spent a lot of time in her stroller. I do feel bad for days like this, but at least she didn’t spend too much time in her car seat. The day started at the Ford dealership getting the oil changed in our SUV. It took less than an hour and Grace was amazing. I am so proud when my baby completely proves wrong the stereotype of kids not being able to sit and wait. I was prepared and packed books and her iPod to distract her, but through her own personality, she was awesome. Then we ran several errands. This is not unusual, but it was much warmer today than I thought it was going to be, so I was exhausted getting in and out of the heat and truck so many times. We did not finish everything I had hoped to get accomplished, so things get shoved to tomorrow. I had already planned to run one (long) errand tomorrow, so I’ve just made tomorrow another busy day. I do think that Grace enjoys being out in public – she loves to see and interact with people. However, being out of the house for most of the day cuts WAY down on our “schedule”/learning time. I know that everything is a learning experience for Grace, but I still am afraid of limiting her or having her miss out on things because she is home with me.

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