Breaking Out the Crayons

I am sure that I am teaching Grace in the wrong order, but I feel that I am working based on her interests. She has loved the digital coloring that we’ve been doing and she seems to somewhat understand what the pen does when we are grocery shopping and crossing things off our list. So, I decided to break out her crayons. The Easter Bunny brought her these:

I know she is a little young for the age guidelines, but I figured we would try anyways.

She was very interested in the crayons, if not more to try to put in her mouth. She understood what she was supposed to do, but wouldn’t let me help her hold them correctly to actually draw on the paper. Oh, yes – she has figured out the “I will do it myself” look, idea, and yell. It’s annoyingly funny. I also realized that I may need to realize that I have a child that is a musician much more than an artist. Once she figured out that they crayons made fun noises when she clapped them together, she had fun for nearly 10 minutes entertaining herself.


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