New Toy = Slacking Day

In my own defense, I DID say (to myself) that this week was going to be a vacation week for me. I had originally planned on it happening last week, but company changed that plan.

More importantly, my AMAZING husband brought me home a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 last night! I am spoiled rotten an I know it. All the girls out there should be jealous. 🙂

That being said, yes, every free moment was spent setting it up and just playing with the new toy. I’m sure that makes me a bad mom to some people. We DID read books this morning for reading (“Dr. Seuss Day” on the schedule) and we did sing the ABCs a couple of times for music (along with several repetitions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). We kind of missed out on math/science and art. I’m okay with that. Tomorrow I will try harder. I am excited that today, the “day planner” I ordered for Grace arrived. I know she won’t understand any of it, but it is fun for me. It is a little center when we can change the day, the date, month, year, the weather, the season, and a few other things. In my head, it will be a good transition from breakfast to playing/learning in the mornings. I will post pictures tomorrow.


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