Remembering and Yogurt

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011 are definitely my generation’s version of the Kennedy assassination. Everyone knows and remember exactly where they were and exactly what they were doing when they heard that the towers had been struck in NYC. I had just gotten back from my 8:00am class, was straightening my hair with the TV on just for background noise, and wondering what in the world my roommate had been watching just before she left. I wouldn’t even confine it to my generation – all ages were affected by this tragedy. I have been to Ground Zero – several years ago – and I look forward to visiting the memorial some day. I am truly amazed and inspired by the countless stories of heroes that day – people in the towers; people in the planes; those in the pentagon; those that thwarted the hijackers of Flight 93 and saved hundreds of other lives; all of the police, firefighters, first-responders, and regular people who did EVERYTHING they possibly could to help out complete strangers. I do not forget about those sacrifices. I was in Iowa when the attacks happened and I live in Houston, now. As callous as I know it will sound – these things don’t affect me on a regular basis. It is no different from those individuals that honor veterans and service men on the Fourth of July and Veterans Day and our soldiers currently deployed don’t cross their minds the other 363 days out of the year. I don’t celebrate 9/11. I don’t do anything special. I remember. I say a prayer thanking God for His helping hand that day for those that were saved and for taking those that gave everything to a better place. Grace is obviously too young to understand anything about this day. When she is older, I will explain it to her – just like I will explain so many other things – but it is already an event for the history books for most of us. Eleven years in this day and age is a lifetime. These people and actions will never be forgotten by me or my family. That’s all I can do.

Today was a better day concerning our routine. As punishment from yesterday, the dogs had to remain in their room (the kitchen) until I got up. We all slept in until 8:15 – it was nice. Breakfast went well – she’s been having difficulty finishing her meals – she wants to go right to the snacks. Then I gave her yogurt, because she loves it. Half-way through the container, I remember that I had wanted to do “yogurt painting” today as her art project. So, we did art at breakfast. I added a couple drops of food coloring and let her finger paint all over her tray. I think she really enjoyed it.




Reading/Language today was Spanish. Randomly, I decided that Tuesdays will be Spanish day and Thursday will be French. Both days are super limited by my small vocabulary of either language – though I am pretty good in Spanish. We will work on it together. I was considering picking one day as a sign language day, but I am more interested in using that everyday. Math/Science was counting – which I also threw in some counting in Spanish. Music was focusing on copying each other. With tongue clicking, patting, singing, and “lalala”-ing, Grace enjoys the game, so I figured, why not take advantage of it. Either me copying her or Grace copying her – we were able to play the game for almost 15 minutes. That is my goal for this whole situation – if I can get her to focus on each (or any) of the areas for 15 minutes, I am calling it a win. She is a 10-month-old, very active little girl. I am not delusional enough to think that she is going to sit still and listen to me give her a lesson.


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