Regular Errands, Plus

Yesterday was a day of task specific errands – finding Brian new work clothes. Today, we were back to our normal errands – Target, groceries, Pet Smart. Even Brian commented this evening how exhausting shopping is. I know the heat – going in and out repeatedly – had an impact on all of us, but Brian and I are exhausted and Grace even went to bed early, despite having two naps today.

One of my common excuses for not doing a lot of things was that I just didn’t have time. So, now that I can’t use work as the excuse, along with the 2 hours of commuting every day, I know that need to make a plan to get everything done that I plan to do on a regular basis. While this coming week won’t be the vacation that I had planned, I am going to create a “lesson plan” for Grace, start planning weekly menus for us, and even set up a cleaning schedule. I am very ambitious, I know.

One of the three main things I wanted to accomplish this weekend around the house was/is clean the carpet, clean the windows, and give the dogs a bath. The first stage of the carpet cleaning did get done tonight. Once again, Pinterest amazed me. I had seen a pin about how you could use a window squeegee to get dog hair up and out of carpet. Oh my goodness, it worked amazingly. I only did the main area of the living room and one of the high traffic paths and I LOVED how much hair I got up. Tomorrow, we will use our carpet cleaner to get the deep down dirt, but I already feel like the carpet is cleaner – it looks better, too. Thank you, Pinterest!


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