Running Behind?

All day today I had that nagging feeling like I am falling behind, that there are things that I’m supposed to be doing that I’m forgetting. In reality, I’m not. I have all of my projects for work all wrapped up and Grace and my schedule will be created after September 1. That was always the plan. I think I’m feeling this way because my replacement has not taken advantage of the past 5 weeks and gotten all she can out of me. I do not feel guilty for leaving. However, I do still want the organization to continue to succeed. I think that too much has been placed in the hands of this naive little girl that doesn’t have a clue.

I am SO glad that Grace is done at daycare tomorrow. Once again, she has a cough. And it’s a hacking one that you can see hurts her. Also, apparently, she hasn’t taken a nap for the past three days. At all. That is NOT ok. No child under the age of 2 doesn’t need at least a short nap! I fully believe this is the reason she is currently sick. I am SO ready to get her on a healthy schedule.


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