I won the War of Bedtime last night. I had to. And it broke my heart a little. Truly, Grace only cried for about 5 minutes, rooted around trying to get comfortable for another 5, and was out cold for the whole night. But, when she’s crying for 5 minutes, “mama. Mama! Mama?” It just hurts.

Small victory: somewhere yesterday in the struggles for nap and bedtime, Grace figured out how to lay herself back down. I knew she had done it, but I saw her do it this morning. She woke up around 7:30am. Perfectly acceptable. I was going to wait until she was ready, and go get her. This has been the norm since she was very small. It would give her time to really wake up and me time to finish my shower or whatever. It also has had an amazing result in the fact that she loves her room – she knows she’s safe, that I (or Brian) will always come to her, and that it can be a place to play and have fun. So (this morning), I waited for her to start babbleing to let me know it was time. I watched her scoot herself from the head off her crib to the foot, throw herself down on her blanket, and fall back asleep. She slept until I accidentally, on purpose, woke her up just after 9am. Don’t tell me that my kid doesn’t sleep.


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