First Real Boo-Boo

Well, we’ve reached another milestone that we didn’t really need to, in my opinion. Grace got her first real boo-boo today. At school, she tried to pull herself up, trying to stand, slipped, and bumped her head on the sink. Everything was handled well and now she has a quarter-sized bruise on her forehead.


Her teachers called me to let me know what happened, as they are supposed to, and I relayed the information to Brian, so he wouldn’t be surprised or caught off guard when he picked Grace up. He asked if I wanted him to run over and check on her. I said, “I’m sure she’s fine. It’s not like you or I haven’t witnessed her do something similar.” He just laughed in agreement.

In the past two days, we have both been a party to Grace getting injured. Two days ago, while playing with Brian, she fell over and hit her head on a plastic toy. Then, last night, she was following me out of our bathroom, lost her balance, and fell back on the tile. She is just at that stage. She is very good at scooting around and is becoming braver about pulling herself up. This is where we enter klutz territory.

I am interested to see how it goes when we are home full-time. I know, when she fell with me, it was because she was ready for bedtime. I want to see how it goes with a well-rested kid.

12 more work/school days


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