Trying New Things

This day started VERY early. Grace got her leg stuck in between the slats of her crib at 4:30am. I had to rush up there to help her before she really started to freak out. In her defense, it really was stuck. Unfortunately, that meant that we had to come back downstairs to make her a bottle. That little adventure woke her up too much. She almost fell back asleep with the bottle, but then just didn’t. She thought she was going to get to play. I told her “No, it’s still bed time,” put her in her crib and left. She whined a little, but never really cried. She sat their with Sven for almost an hour, just hanging out and looking around her room. I’m sure if she would have just laid back down, she would have been out. Finally, she did start to get upset. I took her a new bottle and she was out cold within 10¬†minutes. So I did get to sleep another 2 hours after that. But this system is really not working for me.

Per her doctor’s guidelines, we can start trying everything except cow milk. So, now Grace has had ice cream twice. And boy, does she like it. Brian also gave her some frozen blood orange granita last week. Again, she loved it. I have the feeling she is going to enjoy cold treats. Brian does. And, while I was pregnant, the colder the better. We’ll see.



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