Grace’s 9mo Check-up

Today was Grace’s 9 month well-baby visit. As usual, “perfect.” I love it. Grace’s PA loves her and is really good at keeping us calm and reassuring us, without being fake. She listens to our questions and praises and gives us full answers and never seems rushed. It is great!

Height – 27 inches             75%

Weight – 20 lbs 1.35oz       80%

Head – 18 inches                 90%

One of the really good things about this check-up was that there were no shots. The really bad thing was that they needed to take blood – from her finger. WHY do they think taking blood from an infant’s finger is a good idea? The poor baby just screamed. I completely understand – *I* still don’t like getting blood taken. She got a band-aid on her finger – which was her focal point for about 20 minutes. To top it off, their machine wasn’t working correctly, so they couldn’t even test the sample. 😦


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