Looking Ahead

In 29 days, I will officially be a stay at home mom. (That is still a strange reality for me.) I AM really looking forward to the adventure, though. Now that it is really happening, I’ve started to make a running list in my head of “oh, I won’t miss this,” and “I’m so glad that is going to change.” One of the big ones is Grace being able to take a real daytime nap. Right now, she maybe gets an hour nap and then is so tired by the time I get home, we have start bedtime at 7:30. And even then she usually only stays awake long enough to drink half of her bottle. And right now, I’m pretty sure she going through a growth spurt, so we’ve been getting up a 4:30ish for a bottle.

Though, her sleepiness does make for some cute photos. 🙂




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