A Step In the Right Direction

A little behind schedule, but today I set up my Etsy shop. To to that, I also had to set up a Gmail account, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. Like I said to Brian, at least I can give my job some credit – for making me aware of the ways to promote a business. I do not have the product line that I wanted to have at this point – that’s where my life got in the way – but I don’t want to keep putting this off. Tomorrow, I will finish the whole set up and open the store. I am excited about this. I don’t know if it/I will be successful, but this is the best way out of my current situation that I can find readily. Fingers crossed.

For the most part, our family has recovered from the vacation. The dogs came home this afternoon, so they are enjoying sleeping on the sofas and in their squishy beds again. Not to mention the abundance of treats. Grace has mostly returned to her normal schedule and is loving not being in the car seat. Her cough still sucks, but I’m hoping some real sleep will help. And her special not-feeling-well-PJs – she is wearing a long-sleeved onesie with leggings and socks. It seems to keep her warmer than her supersuits. I have noticed it before – just like me, if her chest gets cold, she coughs more. Brian got to play Play Station for most of the afternoon and I only have one more load of laundry to finish and I am back to normal – tired. 🙂

Grace has been exercising her strength lately. She swats and hits at things more. Mostly, it has a purpose, but she is also hitting at us. Today she got scolded when she scratched me in the throat. I think she may actually be starting to understand that she cannot do it and that “no” is not a joke. When I told her no, she waited a minute, looked at me and realized that I wasn’t being funny, and tried to start crying. We’ll see how well this learning curve goes.


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