Happy 8 Months Grace! and Happy first Independence Day!

Today our little girl is 8 months old. She has such a little personality, as evident in her photo shoot today.

Also, by a happy coincidence, today was the Fourth of July.

We tried out some fireworks with our little firecracker, with mixed results. She was cool with the sparklers and didn’t even mind the loud snaps. She did not like this one that we got that shot sparks about 6 feet into the air and crackled. I don’t know how much was dislike of fireworks and how much was super tired and hungry. We have some extras that we will be taking home, so we will try again.

Also of note, our little super trooper was amazing today while we were shopping. She was tired, hungry, and needed a diaper change, but still mellowed through, like she does. We have repeatedly said, “We love our daughter.”


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